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VISAS for Canada

Every Brazilian needs to apply for a visa to go to Canada, whether for tourism or studying.

YOU TRAVELING helps you in this stage of planning the trip of your dreams.

Turista no Canadá tirando uma foto
Avião decolando
Estudantes no Canadá fazendo uma prova

By hiring YOU TRAVELING services, you will have:

  • Complete pre-analysis of your profile defining which is the best visa to apply in your case and if there is a possibility to apply for eTA;

  • Thorough completion of the application on the Canadian consulate website;

  • Let the applicant knows of the need for a medical examination (and information from the participating doctors) or additional information when requested;
  • Monitoring the status of the visa and releasing the result as soon as received.
    * We remind you that the final decision regarding the visa is always defined by the consulate for any and all applicants.
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