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study permit - canada

You must apply to have this permission if your main objective is to study in Canada for more than 24 weeks, attend High School (High School) for 1 or 2 semesters in Canada, participate in study + work programs (paid or internship), study at Universities and Colleges.

The study permit is an issued document that allows foreigners to study at Designated Educational Institutions (DLI) in Canada.

You can work part-time on campus if you are enrolled as a full-time student at a college or university.


We are a family owned and operated business.

While studying in Canada under a study permit, you must:

  • Always be enrolled in a DLI

  • Progress towards completing your program

  • Respect any conditions listed on your study permit

  • Stop studying if you no longer meet the requirements

  • Leave Canada when your permission expires


A study permit is generally valid for the duration of your study program, with an increase of 90 days. This extra time allows you to prepare to leave Canada or sign up to extend your stay.

We are a family owned and operated business.

If you are unable to complete your courses before your permission date, you must apply an extension to extend your stay as a student.

If you complete your studies early, your permission will no longer be valid 90 days after completing your studies (regardless of the day printed on the study permit).

It is considered that you have completed your studies either on the date you receive your school's first notification (such as an email, letter, transcript, etc.) or when you receive your diploma or certificate.

what do I need to get study permission

  • You must be registered with a DLI Institution and have a letter of acceptance

  • Valid passport

  • 2 recent 5x7 photos

  • Financial documents:

    • You must prove that you can support yourself and the family members who accompany you while you are in Canada.

    • Demonstrate your bank statements for the past four months. On average, you need to show that you have CAD 833.00 for those who want to study outside Quebec and CAD 917.00 for those who want to study in Quebec, in their bank account for each month of stay.

    • Prove that you have paid school fees, or that you have the amount to pay tuition, and accommodation - when needed

    • Proof of amount paid if you have a scholarship or if you are on an educational program funded by Canada.

    • If you have family members included in the permit, you will need to show additional financial support

  • English level

    • Depending on the course you want to enroll in, the school may require proof of your English level. But don't worry if you are going to take just one English course: this type of course has no level requirements.

  • Medical exam

    • It may be necessary to have a general medical examination at a Canadian government accredited practice when you apply for a study permit.

  • Other considerations of the consulate:

    • The situation of your country - Brazil;

    • Your academic history and the relationship of the enrolled course and your past courses;

    • His professional career;

    • If you followed the conditions of your previous visa and your immigration history in Canada (if you have lived there)

    • Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ): If you are going to study in Quebec, you will need a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) issued by the Quebec government. Your school will provide you with all the details on how to apply for CAQ.

  • Declaration of custody (minor children):

    • If a minor is the applicant for a study permit in Canada, you must have the Declaration of Custody Form which has two pages that must be certified by a notary and included in the study permit application: the guardian of Canada must sign the first page and the parent or legal guardian of the minor child in the child's home country must sign the second page.

procedures for applying for your study permit

Below are the main steps to follow when applying for a study permit in Canada.

  • Schedule your visa with us

  • Fill out our application form, send your letter of acceptance and all documents requested by the consulate to our email

  • Wait for the Canadian consulate to request Biometrics. Provide the same in one of the 5 VACs in Brazil.

  • Wait for the Canadian consulate to evaluate and process your request

  • If the application is approved, you will receive a letter of approval from the consulate

  • If the request is refused, you will receive a letter of denial from the consulate with explanations of refusal

what is the price of this study permit?

The Canadian study permit fee is charged directly from the Canadian consulate website and costs CAD 150.00. At the time of application, Biometrics must also be paid, with an additional amount of CAD $ 85.00.


BIOMETRY: As of December 31, 2018, Biometrics is now required for all Canadian visa applications. After the application, the applicant will be asked to attend one of the Visa Application Centers (CVAC) to take the photo and provide the fingerprints.

There are 5 VACs in Brazil: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Porto Alegre and Recife.

The biometric information is kept in the Canadian consulate database for 10 years.

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