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Every Brazilian needs to apply for a visa to go to the United States, whether for work, study or tourism.

YOU TRAVELING helps you in this stage of planning the trip of your dreams.

Viajante carregando a mala no aeroporto
Estudante internacional caminhando até a escola
Mapa mundi

By hiring YOU TRAVELING services, you will have:

  • Pre-analysis of your profile and definition of the best way to apply for your visa;

  • Completion of the DS-160 form in full, in English and as previously defined with the applicant;
  • Prepare the payment of the consular fee according to what the client chooses, which can be through a bank slip or credit card charged directly by the American consulate website (Visa or Mastercard)
  • Make the appointment(s) at the chosen consulate on the pre-analysis form;
  • Provide the list of documents needed to take on the scheduled dates and give the most important guidelines so you can get ready for the interview with the greatest chances of approval!
    * We remind you that the final decision regarding the visa is always defined by the consulate official for any and all applicants.
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