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student visa - australia

You must apply for this visa if:

Your main objective is to study in Australia and still be allowed to work according to the chosen course.
You want to study in Australia for more than 14 weeks.


Among the main conditions for obtaining a student visa are:

  • Have good character and good health.

  • Have mandatory health insurance for Australian government student during your stay in Australia.

  • Do not work more than 40 hours a fortnight when taking your course. During school holidays you can work as many hours as you like.

  • Do not start working in Australia until you have started your course.

  • Maintain good class attendance and good academic records at your school - at least 85%.


If your course is less than 10 months, you can stay in Australia during your course and for an extra month, which is considered a vacation month. If your course is 10 months or more, you can stay in Australia during your course and for an extra two months.

You can also stay for as long as you are waiting for a new visa or new course to be started. The student visa is granted up to a maximum term of five years.

what do I need to have the student visa

  • You must be enrolled in a full-time course;

  • The provider of the course you are enrolled in must be registered with the Australian government (CRICOS);

  • Financial documents:

    • You will need to prove that you have enough money to cover costs such as airfare, travel and general living costs in Australia.

    • On average, you need to show that you have AU $ 1,700 in your bank account for each month of visa. However, immigration may ask for more evidence of financial support.

  • English level

    • Depending on the course you want to enrol in, the school may require proof of your English level. But don't worry if you are going to take just a English course: this type of course has no level requirements.

  • Medical exam

    • It is mandatory to take a general medical examination in an office accredited to the Australian government when you apply for a student visa for 6 months of course or more. For short-term courses, this exam can be requested or not.

    • If you want to extend your visa, you will only have to undergo medical examinations if your last examination was done more than 12 months before your new application.

  • Other immigration considerations:

    • The situation of your country - Brazil;

    • Your academic history and the relationship of the enrolled course and your past courses;

    • Your professional career;

    • If you followed the conditions of your previous student visa and your immigration history in Australia (if you have already lived there);

procedures for applying for a student visa

Below are the main steps to follow when applying for a student visa. The process varies depending on the level of assessment of the international student's country:

  • Schedule your visa with us

  • Fill out our visa application form, send your CoE and all documents requested by immigration to our email

  • Wait for immigration to evaluate and process your request

  • If the application is approved, you will receive a letter of approval from Immigration

  • If the request is refused, you will receive a letter of rejection from Immigration and, if applicable, the missing documents will be requested for a new assessment.

  • If you have to submit your visa application more than once, you will have to pay all fees again.

what is the price of this visa?

The student visa is charged directly from the Australian Immigration website and costs AUD 620.00.

* There is a small card payment fee that varies depending on the card used *

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